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CalTrend NeoSupreme Seat Covers

Made of polyester, this neoprene-like material displays striking similarities with wetsuits, providing high water resistance.Combining the slick look and toughness of a wetsuit coupled with a bright color insert makes this style a favorite among sports buffs.

With UV protection and a perfected custom fit, the Neo Supreme is promised to satisfy for many years to come.All seams are reinforced to guarantee no dividing or wearing of fabric. Body contact points are lined with ultra-soft foam backing for maximum comfort.Consists of black trim with the choice of a single color insert: Black, Red, Charcoal, Blue, Beige, Light Grey, Purple, Yellow and Pink.



  • Easy to install, using hooking straps, buckles and cords (no tools required)
  • Headrest, armrest and console covers are included with no added charge where applicable.
  • Covers accommodate side-impact airbags.
  • Hand washing or a cold gentle cycle is recommended. Do not put in a heated dryer—air dry only.
Black - 01NN Red - 02NN Charcoal - 03NN Blue - 04NN Beige - 06NN
  • Black -01NN
  • Red - 02NN
  • Charcoal - 03NN
  • Blue - 04NN
  • Beige - 06NN
Yellow - 12NN Pink - 14NN Light Grey - 08NN Purple - 10NN
  • Yellow -12NN
  • Pink -14NN
  • Charcoal - 03NN
  • Blue - 04NN