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CalTrend EuroSport Seat Covers
About EuroSport:

Experience the exotic flair and ease of European Sports Vehicles with CalTrend’s Euro Sport Cover. The spaced-knit polyester fabric is designed to make your driving experience as comfortable and fashionable as possible. This style is incredibly breathable and compression resistant, offering the most for your pleasure, even wicking away moisture from the body. Built to last, the Euro Sport is UV protected and made by an advanced computerized custom system, promising a perfect fit over your seats.

All edges are reinforced to guarantee no dividing or wearing of fabric.

Important Information:
  • Easy to install, using hooking straps, buckles and cords (no tools required)
  • Headrest, armrest and console covers are included with no added charge where applicable.
  • Covers accommodate side-impact airbags.
  • Machine washing or dry cleaning is recommended.
Available Colors:
Black - Trim
Black - Insert
Black - 01HH Trim &
Black - 01HH Insert
Charcoal - Trim
Charcoal - Insert
Charcoal - 03HH Trim &
Charcoal - 03HH Insert
Beige - Trim
Beige - Insert
Beige - 06HH Trim &
Beige - 06HH Insert
Light Grey - Trim
Light Grey - Insert
Light Grey - 08HH Trim &
Light Grey - 08HH Insert